Psychotherapy/Counseling Services

Psychotherapy/Counseling Services

Psychotherapy is defined as the use of psychological methods (as opposed to medication or other strategies) to help a person change and overcome problems in daily life. Through talking with a psychologist, individuals can learn about specific strategies to address multiple concerns as related to stress, self-esteem, anxious or depressed feelings, social skills, family conflict or parent-child relationship struggles.

Speaking with one of our providers for guidance, and incorporating family members and loved ones in treatment, allows for a deeper level of support. Providers at The Nicholls Group use research based techniques to teach strategies and tools that help make life's challenges seem lighter and more manageable.   

The psychologists at The Nicholls Group are also happy to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team. With the patient’s consent, we frequently collaborate with other providers both within The Nicholls Group as well as outside treatment providers such as physicians, family counselors, dieticians, occupational and speech therapists, tutors or other professionals that your family might be working with, in order to maximize our patient’s quality of care.

Intervention services are offered for the following concerns:

More specifically, the psychologists at The Nicholls Group have experience in and provide services for the following mental health and behavioral disorders:
*The Nicholls Group sees patients with other developmental and neurological disorders not mentioned above.  Please call our office for details.
Types of Psychotherapy Interventions used at The Nicholls Group:
Please contact our administrative staff, as they would be happy to assist you in choosing the provider that fits your unique concerns.