Academic Evaluations

Many of our patients are referred because they are experiencing difficulties in school. Our psychologists are recognized as experts in determining not only whether a child has a learning disorder, but what the likely cause may be. We offer several levels of school performance evaluations, listed below. Rough estimates of the time involved are provided for each service, however some individuals require less time, some require more time.

Basic Psychoeducational Evaluation

This is the “traditional” school evaluation which consists of intellectual and academic testing, as well as behavioral/presonality screening. This type of evaluation is sufficient for basic determination of whether there is a problem, but may not provide detailed information about causation. This is kind of evaluation school and clinical psychologists typically perform.

This evaluation includes:

Focused Neuropsychological Evaluation

This type of evaluation is designed to evaluate specific areas of concern (such as an Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Reading Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder, among others), but does not include broad measures of intelligence or academic achievement.  The “package” typically involves the following services and estimates of time required, however each evaluation is individualized and the specific time required may be slightly more or less than indicated.

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation

A comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation combines the features of a basic psychoeducational evaluation with a focused neuropsychological evaluation. The cognitive testing gives the Doctor information about a child’s information processing strengths and weaknesses, how they learn best, and what their potential abilities are (IQ test). Academic testing gives the Doctor information about the child’s abilities in the component skills needed for reading, writing, mathematics and oral language. This type of testing is designed to fully evaluate whether an individual has a learning disorder and more specifically what the causes of such a disorder might be. The Doctor will not only perform objective testing of these skills, but will gather information from parents, teachers, tutors, school personnel and others, so as to provide the most comprehensive evaluation of the individual’s learning style. This type of assessment is ideal for those who want to know if the individual has a specific learning disorder such as, but not limited to Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Oral and Written Language Disorders, etc. The evaluation results in a comprehensive written report that can be used for eligibility for program placement, accommodations on high stakes testing (such as college entrance or professional licensing examinations), and other agency requirements (e.g. Social Security). The report also offers evidence-based recommendations for interventions and targeted therapies in areas of need.

Gifted Evaluation

Students who are thought to have Superior levels of intelligence may qualify for Gifted Educational Services through their school. The Arizona Department of Education lists the specific intelligence tests that would qualify a student for such services, if their score is at or above the 97th percentile of their age group in either verbal, nonverbal or quantitative reasoning. Our psychologists routinely perform such testing.

*Please note we cannot administer a duplicate test to one that has been previously administered in the last several months. This evaluation includes: *Our providers also perform Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) if a parent disagrees with the findings from an evaluation that was performed by the child’s school district. Please contact our office for more information.